Jabberblabber Earth Friendly Family Magazine is a unique and useful tool for parents, grandparents, teachers and children.

Our mission is "TO PROVIDE FUN, GREEN EDUCATION TO CHILDREN & FAMILIES EVERYWHERE FOR THE BETTERMENT OF OUR EARTH AND ALL OF ITS CREATURES." This publication is solely funded by sponsors, underwriters and advertisers who are interested in becoming partners in green education. Our advisory board is a diverse group of doctors, teachers and parents who are instrumental in making sure this publication is suitable for children of all ages. The editors are both artists and one is a part time teacher of infants and toddlers at the Natural Learning School. They both love children and are committed to the task of keeping Jabberblabber Magazine in circulation in the Mid South while also developing a plan for a national launch of Jabberblabber through educational programming. Jabberblabber Magazine is printed on recycled paper with natural inks and our readers are encouraged to
collect them for their private libraries, use them for creative art projects or recycle them. Jabberblabber is also available online to read at home or use in the classroom. Children derive joy from the games and puzzles in this magazine, especially the ones that encourage family interaction. This labor of love comes from our belief that children need joy as they need food and water and our long term goal is to create a way to provide joy and education to children and families all over the planet. We hope you enjoy reading and playing with Jabberblabber Magazine as much as we enjoy producing it for you every month. If you are a parent or teacher and ever have any suggestions or ideas to share, please feel free to contact us at the email address to the right. We love feedback and letters from everyone!

Inside the 28-34 page newsprint magazine, you will find:

Educational Games and Puzzles


Fridge Calendar-designed to fit on any fridge - displays local family events as well as Phases of the Moon

Be Green Like Me- eco-education puzzle

Parents Section - articles and helpful resources
Local events for families
Local News-monthly review "Being Green Like Me"

Books of the Month for parents and kids

Dr B- local Pediatrician offers medical advice to parents

Activity of the Month using items from around the home

Edible Art activity - making art with healthy food

Spotted U featuring photos of local kids and families

U Draw It contest with prizes

Be Green Like Us Coloring Page

Quick Draw Drew - teaching how to draw cartoons

Pen Pal - teaching how to write a letter and mail it


Healthy Kids, Healthy Planet - tips on earth friendly practices

Teacher's Page - cool science project for teachers to use in the classroom. Also a cool quote of the month to cut out.

Grandparents pages

Jabber Genius - College level puzzles including Sudoku

And Much Much More!!!

Jabberblabber Magazine is colorful, fun and FREE! Available at all Walgreens in the Tri State area, as well as various other locations throughout the Mid South. Check out our distribution page for more details.